Our Mission is to deliver a modern, high-end, customizable home that is cost-effective and built faster than the current standard.


We offer the low-cost and expedient construction timeline of a manufactured home building method, and the stylistic possibilities and flexibility of modular builds. 

Both options utilize the highest build standards and surpass the timeline and budget goals achievable in a traditional stick-built home.

All of our models are built with efficient and sustainable production techniques, meticulous construction standards, diligent inspections, quality material sourcing, and offer a wide array of custom design choices— resulting in a process that is unparalleled in the home construction industry.

Pre-Manufactured, Off-Site Home Builds—  

Our Manufactured homes are built in a fully climate-controlled environment, with automated systems and manpower used to build the home off-site. The home’s construction is 80-95% complete before the house leaves the factory. This means on-site installation times are cut drastically, and most homes are able to be finished within days of arriving on your property. The average manufactured home process from order to finish is about 4-6 months.

One of the biggest advantages to our manufactured homes is the HUD certification. This ensures each home is built to strict federal guidelines and will be approved and allowed anywhere you can build a home. This endorsement supersedes county or city codes, and allows the overall build permits to be drastically less expensive, and approved on a more streamlined timeline. Building to ‘MH Advantage’ codes allows appraisers to value the home to stick-built comparable builds— ensuring long-term investment worth and value.


Modular Builds— 

Our modular homes are built in smaller parts or sections (such as prefabricated walls and roof systems) that are assembled and joined together on site. 

A Modular home can be a good solution for a unique project or lot, or more custom builds. The process can take slightly longer to approve by city or county building departments, as there are approvals and inspections needed at each stage of the construction process. Your general contractor would oversee the installation and connections to utilities. 

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